Partition walls

T50 + T50 Loft single-glazed all-glass wall

Floor-to-ceiling single-pane glazing for full transparency

For contemporary and historical buildings with a clear-cut architecture

Full transparency with acoustic separation is offered by the full-glass, upright-less T50 partition wall. For open and flexible workplaces, the floor-to-ceiling single-pane glazing dispenses with the need for vertical sections. Instead, the panes are secured in place at the top and bottom using aluminium sections just 27 mm wide.

Apart from use in modern buildings with a transparent architectural style, the T50 full-glass wall is ideal for partitioning space in restored or historical properties. An office space partition that almost isn’t there. Load-bearing elements are reduced to a minimum – the glass surfaces let the existing interior shine through.

  • Partition wall system with single-pane glazing
  • Wall thickness from 10 mm
  • Narrow, 27 mm frames
  • Section height 40 mm
  • Sound insulation up to 37 dB
  • Available as T50 Loft in industrial design
  • Can be supplied as a ‘true’ round wall with curved sections and glazing
  • Solid partition panels, glass panes and accessible door leafs can be combined throughout
  • Active acoustic surfaces can be integrated in front of the glass wall

T50 Loft - now also with optics in industrial design

In keeping with current trends in interior design and with roots in the Bauhaus philosophy, we offer our partition wall system in the "T50 Loft" variant. The variable rungs have a face width of 30mm, the arrangement is flexible and customizable. The system is offered with a matching frame door. The surface is matt fine texture, powdered. Standard in graphite black RAL 9011, other RAL tones on request.

Room structuring with special options

The filigree glass partition wall for conference rooms, congress centres, offices, banks and showrooms can be supplied with panes for electrically operated privacy screening, coloured or opaque glass panes, satinised/printed panels or with privacy filters.

The new section surfaces can be supplied in a finely structured matt finish in white, black and anthracite. Powder-coating with custom colours is available on request.

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