Partition walls

T42/T43 single-pane glazing

The simple way to generous room planning

Skeleton-structure, modular partition wall system

The T42 is a room-dividing, non-load bearing partition wall, offering storage options and featuring centred single-pane glazing. Skeleton-structure, modular system that follows a standard set of design principles.

The T43 partition system is based on the T42 wall system. To achieve higher sound reduction values up to 47 dB Rw,p, the T43 is fitted with insulating glazing.

Superior sound insulation with single-pane ISO glazing

Opaque partition wall with frames that are easily removed at any time. Design customisable using a choice of glasses and special surface finishes. Decorative glass elements set dynamic accents.

Panels can be rapidly installed and reorganised. Partitions can be repositioned in their entirety without loss of material. All of the materials used comply with the latest technological and sustainability standards. The T42 glass partition wall can be combined with any Goldbach Kirchner partition wall or storage wall.

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