Partition Walls

T46 single-pane glazing

The fire safety wall

EI30/F30 fire-rated glazing

Fitted with EI30/F30 fire protection glazing, the T46 partition wall system meets all fire protection requirements, even with corner structures. It augments the T42/T43 systems. This system’s proven fire protection qualities are an important argument in favour of our glass partition walls – especially if emergency exits are planned in offices, public buildings or separate zones in restaurants.

  • Construction height to 4,000 mm
  • Up to 4,500 mm with top panel
  • Grid width up to 1,350 mm
  • Goldbach Kirchner uprights
  • Internal blinds optional

Fall-proof glazing optional

The system permits architectonic design of open-plan building structures while simultaneously meeting fire regulation requirements. If necessary, the wall system can also be installed with fall-proof glazing.

This means the T46 partition wall can be used without additional handrails (please check local construction regulations).

  • Existing T36 F30/EI30 installations can be converted to T46 F30/EI30.
  • Fall-proof glazing variant (DIN 18008-4) with min. 1.8 m and max 3.1 m height.
  • Room heights to 5 m possible, up to 1 m above the partition wall if combined with plasterboard ceiling partition.
  • Matching door system T30/EI30, as single and double door, with/without glass insert. Aluminium door frame complements our T0 door systems.

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