Building project report

Dental practice, Dietzenbach

Joint dental practice in Dietzenbach

Transparency for medical practices

The existing joint dental practice, on the first floor of a multi-storey commercial building, was expanded into a neighbouring lot.

This resulted in the creation of two areas – namely a public area with reception, waiting and treatment rooms, alongside an administrative and lab area.

The reception is located in a spacious, rectangular room in which organically-shaped spatial elements have been installed, encircled by examination/waiting rooms partitioned off by a glass wall.

The glass wall bordering the outlying rooms gives the area a palpable sense of space while also providing plenty of daylight. Challenges here included a very low ceiling height, as well as two joists that bisected the room.

A two-layer, illuminated honeycomb ceiling was installed between the joists. The use of several layers with lighting works to open up the ceiling visually and prevent it from defining the room’s available space.

The honeycomb ceiling is part of a ceiling panel that rises at a uniform height through the glass walls to the surrounding, higher spaces, so as to form a circumferential light gap to the higher ceiling.

The T50 all-glass partition wall’s frame sections have been let into the ceiling and the floor, so as to ensure a smooth spatial transition. The 12 mm-thick single-pane glazing uses a sound control film to achieve the sound insulation required.


fischer & wenzel architekten, Darmstadt

Property developer

zgb Zieglgänsberger


Dietzenbach, Germany


  • T50 partition wall
  • Ceiling, floor and wall sections are installed flush-mounted
  • All-glass doors with SC film


Oliver Sommer