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energydesign, Braunschweig



Office at the RingGleis

In the former press house of the Braunschweiger Zeitung on Hamburger Straße, modern office space has been created on the 2nd floor on a total area of ​​approx. 1,000 m². The Jochen Staake Foundation's building has been extensively renovated in recent months and marketed under the new name “Office am Ringgleis”. As a user, the planner Energydesign redesigned part of the office space on his own. The aim was to create a new company location where planning and research come together in transparent offices. The result is spacious, light-flooded areas with visual references that enable a pleasant balance between work, communication and leisure.

Mostly two-person offices are available. In addition, there are meeting rooms of various sizes, meeting niches, a library, tea kitchens and meeting kitchens. These are central points for informal discussions. A large seminar area can be used for medium-sized events.

All office workplaces are located directly on the facade and enable employees to use daylight. In addition, all office spaces are equipped with floor lamps that work depending on daylight and presence. External sun protection and triple glazing ensure a good indoor climate in an energy-efficient manner. In the networking areas (kitchen, meeting niches, etc.), selected lamps create the ideal mood lighting.

Inside, different usage areas are interlinked with the office uses via visual relationships and transparent corridor walls and show an open loft atmosphere. Glass connecting swords of the office partition walls to the facade and the corridors also widen the visual connections and strengthen the sense of community in the team.

The building, which was erected from 1979 to 1981, in the newly created center, with full-range stores, bistro and market passage, marks the beginning of the development of the Nordstadt in Braunschweig, which will result in multi-family houses, terraced houses and town villas.

The theme of the facade of the former press building is the red brick, which was used in the original design as a design element and connection between outside and inside to emphasize the entrances and foyers. With the new interior design, the clinker brick is juxtaposed with clear structures and related to old and new.

In order to get a clear head while working, a retreat (lounge) was created in which the employees can relax on a group sofa they have designed.

Of course, sustainable materials and low-pollutant and low-risk varnishes and paints were used. The highlight is the C2C-certified flooring from Tarkett, which is obtained as a recycling product from laminated car glass. The T50 transparent all-glass partition wall system was deliberately partially implemented without a direct ceiling connection. The load is transferred here via a square tube that was connected to the ribbed concrete ceilings on site.

Overall, the newly designed office space offers space for 50 people and further temporary workplaces, as well as reserve space for additional offices.



energydesign braunschweig GmbH




energydesign braunschweig GmbH


  •      Transparent all-glass wall T50
  •      C2C certified flooring from Tarkett


     Goldbach Kirchner

Gross foor area

1,050 m²




© Carsten Brehmer,


Main focus

  • Reception counter
  • Kitchen
  • Special furniture


  • Freund
  • Goldbach Kirchner
  • Inuma
  • Sedus
  • Schüller


1.000 m²




Carsten Bremer