Fire-rated glazing

Fire protection for glass and solid partition wall systems

Functions meets form for fire safety

To fully accommodate the more stringent demands for functionality and design freedom, we have focused on versatility with our fire protection system. As a result, any and all components from our glass and solid partition wall systems and doors can be combined together to create a homogeneous appearance – even when combined with our non-rated partition walls.

As a planner and property developer, you can choose between traditional centred or structural glazing, whose appearance can be adjusted to the relevant non-rated glazing systems (T42, T43, T34, T35 and T65). For solid partition walls, the structure and front face is similar to our non-rated T10 partition wall. The fire-rated door elements feature all-aluminium frames. These integrate seamlessly with our standard door frame system. Doors can be provided as single- or double-leaf, and with or without a glass panel. Visually, the fire safety doors are indistinguishable from the standard doors in our systems.

As with our entire portfolio, all of our fire protection systems are designed to have a structural depth of 100 mm.

Downloads on fire safety