Building project report

Techspace in the Eiswerk, Berlin



Inspiring workspace for tech teams

Life, work and cultural diversity merge on the site of the former artificial ice factory on Köpenicker Strasse, directly on the Spree. The listed former cold store was completely renovated by Trockland and moved into by the workspace provider Techspace.‍

Built at the end of the 19th century the former ice cooling house was one of the first in Europe and represented the city’s thriving industry. Today, reimagined as an inspiring workspace for scaling tech teams, with members’ lounge, cafe, meeting rooms and events venue, Eiswerk’s functional yet characterful design hosts some of the most exciting tech businesses in Berlin.

The T50 all-glass partition wall system without uprights was used to acoustically separate the rooms. The glass panes are only fixed from above and below with 27 mm narrow aluminum profiles.

In addition to use in modern buildings with transparent architecture, the T50 all-glass wall is also suitable for dividing rooms in renovated or historic properties. Office units can be partitioned off almost weightlessly. Supporting elements have been reduced to a minimum, the glass surfaces allow the existing room architecture to take effect. In industrial style, the system is also available as a T50 Loft.


Trockland Management GmbH


GRAFT, Berlin

rw+ architekten, Berlin


Eiswerk, Berlin




5 floors, 4,600 sqm




All glass wall T50


Goldbach Kirchner, Michael Frank