Partition walls

T35 double glazing

Partition wall with flush-mounted double-glazed panels

Filigree lightness and breadth – plus maximum discretion if needed

The partition wall system T35 offers a transparent, open atmosphere for rooms with fixed glazing. Featuring flush-mounted double glazing, the system satisfies all of the technical requirements of a modern partition wall. It has narrow frames and can be configured both horizontally and vertically. If required, interior blinds can be integrated to provide privacy.

  • Partition wall system with double glazing
  • Wall thickness 100 mm
  • Fall-proof glazing compliant with TRAV optional
  • Fire protection
  • Smoke protection
  • Sound insulation up to 51 dB
  • Many special models available with electrically powered panels, opaque glass panes or internal blinds

The cornerstone of a high-quality office design

An opaque partition system with frames that can be easily replaced at any time. All of the materials used comply with the latest technological and sustainability standards. Installations are possible up to a room height of 6 m.

If required by fire safety regulations, this wall system can be extended up to 4 m by the T36 partition wall in the same style, which is fire-rated to F30/EI30.

  • Multimedia/building automation/electrical systems can be integrated.
  • Vertical storage options available throughout, using concealed spaced slots.
  • High level of prefabrication and fitter-friendly modules ensure rapid installation.

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