Partition walls

T35 double glazing

Partition wall with flush-mounted double-glazed panels

Filigree lightness and breadth – plus maximum discretion if needed

The partition wall system T35 offers a transparent, open atmosphere for rooms with fixed glazing. Featuring flush-mounted double glazing, the system satisfies all of the technical requirements of a modern partition wall. It has narrow frames and can be configured both horizontally and vertically. If required, interior blinds can be integrated to provide privacy.

  • Partition wall system with double glazing
  • Wall thickness 100 mm
  • Fall-proof glazing compliant according to DIN 18008-4
  • Fire protection
  • Smoke protection
  • Sound insulation up to 51 dB
  • Many special models available with electrically powered panels, opaque glass panes or internal blinds
Trennwandsystem mit frontbündiger Zweischeiben-Verglasung

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