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T55 double-glazed all-glass wall

Frameless all-glass wall with double glazing

A premium system partition wall

Transparency, elegance and soundproofing are what prompted the development of this new kind of partition wall. The elegant T55, an all-glass partition wall with double glazing, combines transparency with high soundproofing levels. The structural glazing dispenses with the use of vertical sections. The space-creating all-glass system is perfectly suited to high-quality workplaces, executive suites, banks, insurance companies and rooms requiring a high degree of discretion.

Without visible seals, a homogeneous glass surface is created when viewed from the side. The standardised overall depth of 100 mm ensures sound insulation levels of up to 48 dB and means the model is integrated seamlessly into the Goldbach Kirchner product range.

  • Partition wall system with double glazing
  • Wall thickness 100 mm
  • Sound insulation up to 48 dB
  • Integration with sonic 10 acoustic elements possible
  • Use of switchable panes (Smart Glass) and functional panes possible
  • Structural survey according to DIN 4103 Part 1
  • Unmixed fraction for recycling at end-of-life

Systematic sound shielding

The all-glass construction is secured using floor and ceiling tracks only. Whether used to create a discreet meeting room, an office with particularly good sound insulation, or a think tank as a room-in-room solution, the T55 partition wall system consistently insulates against sound, while offering a clear view.

Double-glazed panes permit the installation of interior blinds, so as to render the wall transparent or opaque as required. The T55 partition wall can be combined with any Goldbach Kirchner system component or door/access unit.

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