Furniture systems

Volume production

You plan – we produce!

Modern volume production, Made in Germany

We bring your projects to life. With technical expertise and professional execution. As our customer, you benefit from our complete portfolio of services.

These include:

  • Carcass furniture
  • Counter and bar systems
  • Wall panelling
  • Display furniture
  • Volume production of finished and semi-finished products

Our machinery is among the most advanced of its kind, enabling us to realise your vision not only rapidly but also with great precision. We offer volume production as standard. We are also happy to help you optimise your manufacturing methods or produce individual or custom solutions.

We can also supply top-quality semi-finished goods such as frames for sandwich gluing or, equally, finished goods at short notice.

Carcass through-feed press

The LigmaTech through-feed press is an absolute all-rounder in volume production:

  • Zero-edge pressing
  • High-quality mitred carcasses
  • Volume production from a lot size of 1

Through-feed machining centre

Our through-feed machining centre from Weeke offers everything our customers could desire.

  • 6-side workpiece processing – end-to-end processing in a single run
  • User-programmable loading:
    • Top-down or bottom-up vertical drilling
    • Horizontal drilling into short or long edges
    • Top-down or bottom-up vertical cutting (tool changer available)
    • Grooves from top or bottom
    • Wall plug anchors in short edges
    • Placement of metal fittings from top or bottom
  • Flexible process integration as production cell or in complete production lines


The Holzma Panel Sizing Machine guarantees a high-quality final result:

  • Exact dimensions
  • Finished cuts with tear out-free edges on both sides
  • Sandwich cuts up to five panels thick
  • Computerised panel optimisation
  • Component labelling

Edge banding

With our Homag sizing and edge banding machine we are able to bond all 4 edges in one process run. Thanks to the 4 integrated milling units with 7x tool manipulator we are also able to carry out milling or grooving work in the same processing step – e.g. for back panel grooves:

  • Various glue types, EVA or PUR hotmelt
  • Panel sizes possible from 250mm x 250mm x 10mm to 3450mm x 1400mm x 60mm
  • Edge thicknesses from 0.5 mm to 3 mm
  • Various profiles, 15° cut, 1.5/2/3 mm bevelling
  • Pre-trimmed edges with compact hogger
  • No finishing work required – parts are ready for installation
  • Horizontal grooves possible
  • Top down/bottom up vertical grooves, up to 45 mm into the panel from the outside edge

Furniture parts and workpiece processing

The two machining centres and throughfeed drilling machines are able to machine workpieces to a high quality, systematically and at low cost:

Homag BAZ 723

  • Maximum workpiece size: 6000 mm × 1800 mm × 180 mm
  • Edging of workpieces up to 50 mm thick
  • Synchronous, simultaneous processing of 2 workpieces
  • Fitting, dowel and matrix drilling at a 32 mm grid size
  • Two independent milling/drilling units for shuttle operation
  • Angled cuts, milling and hole drilling using latest Flex5 technology
  • Automated batch feeding

Homag BAZ 20/50

  • Maximum workpiece size: 5000 mm x 1400 mm x 60 mm
  • Fitting, dowel and matrix drilling at a 32 mm grid size
  • Edging of workpieces up to 40 mm thick
  • GA table permits highly flexible positioning of suction cups

Weeke ABH 100

  • Workpiece sizes possible from 250 mm × 120 mm × 10 mm to 3500 mm × 1500 mm × 38 mm
  • 6-sided finishing in one process run with zero protrusions
  • Fitting, dowel and matrix drilling at a 32 mm grid size
  • Top down/bottom up groove and milling unit
  • Automated stacking

Weeke BMP 12

  • Systematic, high-precision cabinet door manufacturing
  • Maximum door size 3050 mm x 600 mm x 25 mm
  • Drilling and press-forming of wells for door fittings
  • Drilling of holes for locks, closure bars, handles and hinges in one process run

Dynamic collet system ensures safe and precise workpiece transport

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möbel fertigung

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