Design freedom with partition wall systems

Room-in-room: the maximum degree of design freedom and flexibility

Think tank room systems, meeting rooms, smoking booths or phone boxes, the flexible room-in-room concept from Goldbach Kirchner is called GK SPACES and allows you to place closed room units free-standing in open-space, common or reception areas.

This self-contained system requires no connections to the wall or ceiling. This ensures it offers maximum design freedom and flexibility, with all of the benefits of the proven Goldbach Kirchner partition systems. Functional, soundproofed, durable and with air-conditioning options.

Sound-proofed, with privacy and air-conditioning options

The walls of the room-in-room system can be selected from any partition wall system using single- and double-glazed panes, or from the opaque solid wall T10 system.

Full integration with sonic 10 acoustic panels is possible. To ensure flexible wall configuration, wall and ceiling thickness is a uniform 100 mm throughout. Concealed spaced slots in the system joints permit the integration of a wide range of organiser modules. Ventilation, air-conditioning or lighting is integrated using a specially-developed roofing panel and can be controlled either separately or centrally. Air transfer modules are integrated invisibly into the wall.

Depending on requirements, room-in-room solutions can be constructed from all system components. Sound-proofed, with privacy and air-conditioning options. The system can be placed anywhere in the building: it can be moved as a unit and therefore adjusted to any new requirements.

GK SPACES are suitable for a wide range of applications

Room-in-room solutions are perfect for meeting points, combined open-/closed-space offices, office and call centre cubicles, thinking rooms, private meeting rooms, cellular spaces, phone booths, smoking cabins and interview rooms.

Room cubes are independent of the building floor plan. Air-conditioning and ventilation is handled by the integrated ceiling panels, with electrification via switch panels or the plug-and-play media base that is integrated into the telescoping partition wall base.

A centralised oasis for undisturbed communication

A room-in-room system sited in an open space becomes a quiet area and secluded space within the open interior – both sound-absorbing and sound-insulating. Private meetings can be held easily – despite the open office space.

The room cubes can be deployed as a room-in-room system with an independent ceiling structure or as a full-height, wall-to-ceiling system. If spatial requirements or working procedures change, the entire room system can be dismantled and relocated. Enabling flexible room layouts to be installed quickly and cost-effectively without involving large-scale building work.

Downloads for room-in-room solutions