Partition walls

T36 EI30 triple glazing

Flush-mounted triple-glazed panels

F30/EI30 fire protection

For fire-rated applications, the T36 partition wall visually complements the T35, although it can also be combined with any other system.

The flexible T36 partition wall extends the T35 with fire-rated glazing that is positioned centrally. Tested to F30/EI30 and with no fixed width units, it can fit all room heights. Both systems can be combined with no visual discrepancies to form a transparent design offering fire protection.

Design overview

The T36 fire protection system permits architectonic design of open-space building structures while simultaneously meeting fire regulation requirements. Partitions can be repositioned in their entirety without loss of material.

  • Partition wall based on a steel skeleton frame
  • Triple-glazed panes, flush front, with central fire safety pane
  • Wall thickness 100 mm throughout
  • Solid partition/glass/door panels can be combined throughout
  • Vertical storage options


Two panes of glass in separate, self-contained aluminium frames, with intermediate dry seal and with central fire safety pane. Interior blinds also available if laminated glass panes are used. On the front face, the glass lies forward of the frame with an unobtrusive 8 mm aluminium bezel. The narrow, 34 mm panel frame front lies behind the glass. The aluminium frames slot into the upright system on both sides and butt against the fire safety pane in the centre via a seal.

Without a fire protection requirement, the centrally located pane can be designed with electrically switchable glazing. This allows privacy if necessary (SmartGlass or PrivaLite).

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