Building project report

RCKT, Berlin



Black and white painting

Originally built as a book trade center, the building from the 1970s underwent numerous renovations and various uses. When converting the office floor for RCKT  the character of the exposed concrete architecture from the construction period was worked out.

All columns and beams were sanded by hand and sealed transparently. The interplay between the rough surfaces of the concrete structure and the exposed screed creates a pleasant contrast with the filigree glass partition walls by Goldbach Kirchner and the warm material of the felt ceilings. The graphic architecture is supported by graphics designed by the tenant in the form of lettering on the glass partition system.

The choice of materials creates a calm working background. The installation of a white perforated acoustic ceiling compensates for the hard surfaces of the walls and the sanded screed floor in the meeting room.

As an existing screed, the floor was freed from layers of glue and filler in half of the area, sanded and given a transparent seal. Linoleum flooring from the Concrete range was laid in the other half of the area. Loose carpets create color accents and acoustic enhancement.

The color concept was consistently reduced to a dark coating in the core and the parapet of the facade and a white ceiling and walls. This color concept is continued in the color scheme of the kitchen, toilet areas and building technology elements. Individual color accents were used to a lesser extent through the furnishings organized by the tenant. The furniture remains mostly true to the black and white concept.

Instead of individual washbasins, an extra-long washbasin was chosen. High-quality accessories and tiles contribute to a consistently high standard of construction. Due to the arrangement of open-plan offices and glass partition walls, the areas in the core are also flooded with light. The supporting structure and the ribbon windows allow a very flexible floor plan.




Lützowstraße, Berlin


RCKT GmbH & Co. KG


WAF Architects, Wewelsiep Asipowicz Forsting Partnerschaft mbB, Berlin

Interior design

Lydia Korndörfer


October 2019


approx. 970 m2 usable area



© Mark Asipowicz, WAF Architects