Building project report

Mainka Bau GmbH & Co. KG, Lingen


New administration building on Darmer Esch

"Open door principle" consistently implemented

As soon as you enter the building, the highlights in the entrance area catch your eye: an eight-meter-high tree and a huge so-called Glorifier Wall, which tells a small part of the Mainka story. A light installation above the friendly reception area illustrates the current accident-free days. The foyer in particular, but also the building as a whole, fascinate with its detailed interior and lighting design. The workplace areas reflect the concept of the building and the corporate culture: The open design with lots of glass stimulates communication and a sense of togetherness. When planning the building, a lot of emphasis was placed on acoustically effective elements in order to be able to implement the "principle of open doors" that has already been put into practice. The office areas are covered with a deep-pile carpet, the partition walls between the four-person offices are clad with sonic 10 acoustic panels and the ceiling has been given an acoustic plaster made of cellulose. Despite the many glass elements and the absence of doors in the office area, the acoustic room planning enables a calm working atmosphere.

The intersection of all three parts of the building offers not only internal meeting rooms but also small "oases of wellbeing". The kitchen area is located here on each of the three floors, which is ideal for a chat, a coffee and, on the ground floor, for a lunch break. A terrace or balcony also connect to the kitchen areas. They offer a wonderful view of the pond and the company premises. Both the internal and external meeting rooms are made of 100 mm thick, soundproof glass partition wall systems from Goldbach Kirchner and offer the necessary discretion for meetings through the targeted use of foil technology.

The overall concept was completely implemented by Goldbach Kirchner with interior fittings, furniture and space-forming partition wall solutions.



Mainka Bau GmbH & Co. KG


Lingen (Ems)


Thomas Schaper Design




 4,602 m²  usable area

Partition walls

    T10 solid wall, with integrated sonic 10 acoustic elements and whiteboards
    T35 partition wall system with double glazing
    T36 partition wall with fire protection glazing
    T50 partition wall system with single-pane glazing,
    Integrated in the partition systems:
    T30 fire protection door from Novoferm
    Doors 100mm with glued glazing
    All-glass doors with single-pane glazing 12mm laminated safety glass and soundproofing film
    All fittings in black powder-coated

Interior work

    Entrance area with counter, reception, enclosure of the tree
    Offices with interior decoration
    Kitchen equipment
    Common areas
    Cloakroom lockers
    Meeting rooms


Mainka Bau GmbH & Co. KG