Confidential conversations for 2 to 4 persons

Room-in-room solution for modern working environments

Confidential conversations require calm and discretion. The CUBE 240 stands for discreet conversations, video conferences or short meetings with 2-4 people are available. Depending on the requirements, there are different CUBE models with double or single pane glazing.

The profiles have a matt fine structure in white. They are also available in black or aluminium anodised EV1.

In the GK CUBE we already use profiles made of Hydro REDUXA, an aluminum with a production-related low CO2 footprint of a maximum of 4.0 kg CO2 per kg aluminum. That's a quarter of the global average!

Hydro REDUXA is ISO 14064 verified by DNV GL and covers all CO2 emissions from bauxite mining to alumina production to aluminum production. The result is aluminum with one of the best carbon footprints possible today.

Downloads for GK CUBE