Building project report

medbase, Weinfelden

Conversion into a former sports shop

At first glance, the former sports shop in the heart of Weinfelden seemed unsuitable for being converted into a practice. Especially the shop window front and the large interior areas with little daylight caused headaches.

The intensive examination of the architectural conditions and the cooperation with the client ultimately led to success. In 2020 medbase was able to open the practice thanks to a convincing room use concept.

Two design elements that emphasize the vertical are particularly noticeable here: On the one hand, there is a green column of reinforcement grids between the reception counters, on which philodendrons hang up. On the other hand, there are room dividers made of black-coated MDF lamellas that zone the waiting areas.

The rooms are partitioned off with filigree all-glass walls and appear translucent and transparent. Nevertheless, they are provided with privacy screens and thus achieve the necessary discretion.


Medbase, Santémed Health Centers AG


Medbase, practice in former sports store


Weinfelden, Switzerland


Praxisarchitekten AG, CH-Lenzburg


512 m2





Adrian Jäck