Partition walls

T65 double glazing

Partition wall without visible frames (structural glazing)

Structural glazing for maximum visual impact

The T65 partition wall system with structural glazing offers all the advantages of versatile partition systems. The use of interior blinds is possible, as is the vertical configuration of the system. The wall system scores points for its flush-bonded ‘structural glazing’ technology. Architects and planners are thereby given a greater degree of design freedom.

  • Fully flush visual effect
  • Bonding without visible frames (structural glazing system)
  • Goldbach Kirchner uprights
  • Room height up to 6 m
  • Wall thickness 100 mm
  • Excellent sound insulation

Individual choice of colours

The bonding style chosen can optionally use the colour black or grey. Connector uprights are available in black, light grey, aluminium-silver and white. Custom colours can be selected both for the bonding and the connector uprights.

Alongside the typical use of glass, translucent or opaque surfaces can also be utilised. The system’s exceptional versatility is rounded off by the limitless rectangular designs possible.

Advantages at-a-glance

  • Partition wall based on a steel skeleton frame
  • Double-glazed, flush-mounted structural glazing
  • Layout as segmented curved wall possible
  • Wall thickness 100 mm throughout
  • Solid partition/glass/door panels can be combined throughout
  • Matching 100 mm-gauge TD T65 tube frame door system, flush-mounted to
  • partition wall
  • Vertical storage options
  • PLUG & PLAY media base: electrical supply can be integrated into media base; HDMI port also available.

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