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Granary Große Elbstrasse, Hamburg



Granary Große Elbstraße, Hamburg

Restoration and conversion of the former granary at Große Elbstraße 281 in Hamburg in accordance with the preservation order.

The former granary with loading bridge to the Elbe River dates from 1937 and stands on the Altona quay edge. In 2013, it was placed under a preservation order. Prior to this, there were numerous interventions and conversions, which were not always carried out sensitively. SEHW Architekten have now remodeled and modernized the building complex, restoring and strengthening the building's essential features and qualities. Thus, the brick façade was carefully renovated, windows and doors were replaced, and a "white tank" was installed as flood protection. The interior was completely renewed and is now of one piece: The historic concrete building shows its rawness in all floors in interaction with new white, restrained fixtures.

The interior fittings have been completely renovated and are now all of a piece: the historic concrete building shows its rawness on all floors in combination with the new, white, restrained fixtures. Due to the irregular formation of the concrete skeleton in the listed building, the measurement was already a challenge. However, the result successfully shows the lightness of the built-in stand-free glass partitions. Depending on the space requirements, these were realized with single and double pane glazing. The filigree glass look of the partition wall systems fits perfectly into the given room structure and underlines the transparent character of the interior.

The realized object

Project information and video from SEHW Architekten PartG mbB.

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SEHW Architekten PartG mbB, Hamburg


Ha-eS V Vermögensverwaltung


Große Elbstrasse 281, Hamburg




T50  Single-glazed all-glass wall
integrated into the historic concrete building

T55 Double-glazed all-glass wall

Sideboads built into the system partition

Aluminium framed doors



Goldbach Kirchner, Michael Frank