We are committed to environmental protection

Member of the German Sustainable Building Council

Goldbach Kirchner has committed itself to the sustainable design of working and living spaces and is an active member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

In line with our corporate principles, we have pledged our commitment to the sustainable handling of the environment and its resources. This is also a factor we consider when selecting our suppliers. Our company headquarters are powered by carbon-neutral energy. We generate solar power using our photovoltaic plant and recover heat energy from waste material recycling.

Eco-friendly products with a long lifecycle

All of the components in our partition and storage wall systems are parts designed for long-term use: they can be combined together and modified to suit current room planning requirements. Since our wall elements can be repositioned and re-used, a high degree of flexibility and sustainability is ensured – with no material loss – for future interior changes.

When selecting our materials, we choose eco-friendly and recyclable raw materials.

Glass consists of some of the most plentiful raw materials in the earth’s crust – namely silica, soda ash and lime. It can be reused indefinitely without suffering any loss of quality.

Aluminium is a material that can be indefinitely recycled. The volume of secondary aluminium available is growing constantly.

Chipboard panels and wood-based materials are purchased from sources managed sustainably and from regional suppliers. We take low emissions seriously.