Room in room

All-glass room system T50

Innovative solution for office and working environments

German Design Award 2024, Winner Excellent Product Design – Office Furniture

The international jury of the architecture and design competition recognized the outstanding design and innovative functionality of the all-glass room in room System T50 in the Excellent Product Design - Office Furniture category.

The award-winning room-in-room system T50 from Goldbach Kirchner is characterized by an elegant all-glass construction in which ceiling and wall loads are only transferred via the glass walls. Thanks to its independence from the building grid, the room-in-room system T50 system offers maximum flexibility. The integrated ventilation and lighting are ready to plug in, the slim ceiling construction is available in all RAL colors. The system enables ceilings of up to 5 m, in a self-supporting construction, with integrated room and building acoustics, ventilation, lighting and technology. It ranges from a compact telephone booth with 1.2 x 1.4 m to a spacious conference room with, for example, 5 x 9 m - all variants are possible. From the material-saving design, to the subsequent conversion and reusability, to pure recycling, through the consistent avoidance of composite materials in the post-use phase, the path of sustainable product design pursued by Goldbach Kirchner is clearly visible here.

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