Room acoustics

An effective reduction in reverberation times

Partition walls as surfaces for mounting sound-absorbing material in office and room architecture

Noise and reverberation periods are topics that are here to stay as part of modern office planning. Especially in office units with an expanse of glass or concrete slab ceilings, sound-absorbing materials can be placed on partition surfaces. Retrofitting is also possible as an option to improve the room’s acoustics.

The sonic 10 acoustic panel satisfies the requirements of modern room architecture by effectively reducing the reverberation period. The current levels of noise absorption achieve an alpha value of up to 0.8, with a sound insulation value of Rw,p 44 dB (one-sided installation) and Rw,p 43 dB (two-sided installation).

For use in non-combustible building components, we offer the sonic 10A system, which has passed composite testing in A2 materials.

Acoustic panels in a wide range of designs

The sonic 10 acoustic panel is available in many different designs, including:

  • Micro-perforated
  • Slotted
  • Punched
  • Fabric-covered

Walls with acoustic panels can be fitted with storage modules both vertically and horizontally.