Partition walls

T34 double glazing

Partition wall with flush-mounted double glazing

Versatile, no-compromise room partitioning

Flexible partition system with flush-mounted double-glazed panels, for creating an open, transparent room architecture. Dry-glazed panes with aluminium surround, face width 34 mm. The narrow frames offer horizontal and vertical storage options. Privacy screens can be integrated by including internal blinds. Manual or electrical operation.

  • Partition wall system with double glazing
  • Front face width 34 mm
  • Wall thickness 100 mm
  • Many special models available with electrically powered panels, opaque glass panes or internal blinds
  • Glass panes up to 10 mm thick can be used

Internal blinds optional

Blinds offering temporary privacy screening are sandwiched internally between the panes, so as to protect them from damage and soiling. Installed in vertical or horizontal orientation, manual or electrical operation.

Glass frames are removable, e.g. for maintenance, additions, subsequent cable trunking, etc.

  • Foil bonded to the pane interior at the factory to protect it from damage.
  • Switchable panes also deployable in front-facing glazing.
  • Layout as segmented curved wall possible.
  • PLUG & PLAY media base: electrical supply can be integrated into media base.
  • All Goldbach Kirchner door systems can be installed.

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