Integrated media base

Partition wall base with integrated power supply

Plug-and-play media base as an alternative to floor outlets

Mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops or tablet PCs form an essential part of the modern office. They simplify communication and offer many different kinds of applications. One thing is common to them all, however: their use depends on access to a power supply.

Yet how do you solve the problem of local power outlets in a modern office with transparent glass partition walls? To date, the only answer was to install floor outlets. But what if this option is unavailable?

Our specially developed media base offers an elegant approach to solving the problem. It can be deployed where the smooth line of transparent glass partition walls shouldn’t be spoiled by power supply ducting. The new quick-connect base integrates almost invisibly into the telescoping skirting board on our glass partition walls and can be populated with a wide range of socket types. Sockets for standard safety plugs, USB chargers (dual), LAN cables or phones can all be integrated to match customer needs.

Also available with HDMI and CAT ports

Ideal for remodelling existing installations. Here, too, our media board offers a simple and convenient electrification option. When the sockets are not in use, they are hidden behind the cover, colour-matched to the base.

Technical details

  • Customer-specific socket assembly
  • Mounted flush with the skirting board
  • Can be chained using plug connector system
  • Licensed for international use

Downloads for the media base