Building project report

Sparkasse Leipzig, Branch in Gohlis-Nord



New installation of the service center

New savings bank branch, transparent and barrier-free

Bright, friendly and spacious, the Sparkasse's new consulting branch welcomes its visitors. Ten consulting rooms equipped with modern digital technology are just as much a part of the furnishings as semi-open communication zones with a coffee bar, office workstations and an integrated self-service foyer. The new location also scores points for accessibility: the concentration of the premises on the first floor, automatic doors and threshold-free crossings enable barrier-free access.

The premises, which have a very purist design in terms of materials and furnishings, are divided by glass partitions and appear open and transparent.

A special feature are four free-standing and rotated consultation booths, which deliberately break up the otherwise clear and orthogonal room edges due to their "cubed" arrangement.

In addition to the high degree of transparency, the glass partition walls of the consultation rooms also provide the sound insulation required for their use and thus ensure the necessary discretion.

With the help of the cooling and ventilation system used, the room climate can be regulated at any time as required.

The concept was developed by Baumgardt Franke Architekten and realized by Sobotta Objekteinrichtung Leipzig GmbH.




Stadt- und Kreissparkasse Leipzig


Leipzig Gohlis

Project participants

Baumgardt Franke Architects, Leipzig

Sobotta Object Einrichtung Leipzig GmbH

Inuma GmbH, Leipzig

Focal points


    Goldbach Kirchner


500 m²




Daniel Köhler, Leipzig

Sobotta Objekteinrichtung Leipzig GmbH