Building project report

Rehau sales office, Frankfurt

Renovation and redevelopment

Modern, timeless design, clear-cut lines and contours combined with high-quality materials

The two-storey functional building from the 1970s was gutted and reduced to its load-bearing structural components. Both the ground floor and the two office storeys were restructured. This process also took into account the requirements for modern workspaces and the need for employees to communicate and interact with one another. The floor plans chosen for the storeys have enabled the implementation of a new room concept with open, spacious office structures.

The large-scale renovation of the facade not only creates the best-possible potential for optimising energy use but also creates an opportunity to orient the building on the current Rehau corporate design guidelines, and therefore significantly upgrades the impact of the Frankfurt sales office.

The redesign of the ground floor has introduced an inviting and generously spacious atmosphere. Modern, timeless design, clear-cut lines and contours combined with high-quality materials further accentuate the ultimate aims of this renovation project. The ground floor has been designed as an open-space area for visitors and staff, featuring communication and presentation zones. It is used to the full as a conference, training, work and communication area, and can therefore be booked both for internal and external events. Alongside an open-space, generously sized foyer with waiting area/lounge, this floor also includes training and interview rooms plus a kitchenette, common rooms and a workbench offering temporary workspace. Arranged in the centre are the reception and space usable for presentations. On the right-hand side is the lobby area plus a meeting room for 8 to 10 people, also featuring video conferencing facilities. On the left is located another small meeting room for 4 to 6 people, plus a staff kitchenette with common room, as well as a workbench offering a temporary working area, and last but not least, a large training room fitted out to lecture hall standards.

Both upper storeys have been turned into inviting office spaces with generous use of glass. The personal offices required are arranged along the south facade and separated from the large open area with glass partition walls.


Bieker AG, Frankfurt

Property developer

Rehau AG Co. KG


Frankfurt, Germany

Floor space

1,900 m2 gross surface area, 1,250 m2 usable area

Project type

Renovation, restoration and upgrading


  • T35 partition wall with double glazing
  • TD T65 100 mm doors with internal blinds, all-glass doors with Schall-Ex
  • Reception desks and workbench
  • Individual interior fit-out with folding partition walls and wall systems in the training and common room


Achim Reissner

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Rehau, Frankfurt

Rehau, Frankfurt

Modern, timeless design, clear-cut lines and contours combined with high-quality materials

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