Building project report

Bauzentrum Rüppel, Gelnhausen

Administrative and exhibition building in Gelnhausen

As a full-range supplier, the Rüppel Construction Center is a competent partner when it comes to build, renovation and modernization

The three-storey new building was built directly next to the existing building on Galgenfeld.

In the future, 70 administrative, sales and IT employees will work there on around 2,000 square meters of office space. The building was planned by Rack Architekten and the project developer XQuadrat, both located in Gelnhausen. The partitioning system T35 with double-pane glazing was used to divide the interior spaces.

The room doors are soundproofed and optionally solid door leaves with oak decor or all-glass doors. The decorative foil film with individual motifs from the business life of the Bauzentrum was implemented and realized in the finished object by Hofmann Grafics, Gelnhausen.

Architecture and planning

Rack Architects, Gelnhausen

Project Development/Interior Design

XQuadrat, Gelnhausen


Bauzentrum Rüppel GmbH



Floor space

2,000 m2


  • T35 glass partition system
  • Solid wood doors with oak decor
  • All-glass doors with Schallex