Building project report

Schmitt & Orschler, Aschaffenburg

With high-quality facade and wall paints, varnishes and glazes, wallpaper, floor coverings as well as paint rollers, brushes, power tools and machines, Sundo meets the needs of craftsmen and specialist dealers alike. In order to offer the employees a contemporary and attractive working environment, the offices have recently been rebuilt and modernized.

As early as the 1980s, the Aschaffenburg-based company relied on the partition wall systems from what was then Goldbach GmbH. So what could be more natural than to put the current renovation back into the hands of today's Goldbach Kirchner raumconcepte GmbH.
In addition to the functionally and technically mature partition system T35 with double glazing and T10 with closed solid walls including the appropriate door elements, the entire interior design was realized from a single source.

With a new reception and modern counter elements, the redesign of the office space, various conference and meeting rooms, lounges and changing rooms with kitchenette and locker systems.


Schmitt & Orschler GmbH & Co. Farben und Heimtex KG


Aschaffenburg, Germany


December 2019


approx. 700 m2 office space

System partition walls and interior work


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