Building project report

Siemens Office, Nuremberg

The new office concept for Siemens AG

A New Way of Working

Spearheaded by Siemens Real Estate, working hand-in-hand with Corporate Human Resources and Corporate Information Technology, the ‘Siemens Office’ project has set itself the goal of turning the future of the world of work into a living reality. The basic principle at work here is to create the environment needed for both focused individual work as well as high-intensity teamwork as part of an integrated and coherent spatial planning concept.

In the future, each and every workspace offers space for creativity and individuality. Staff can choose between project workspaces, creative zones and quiet areas for concentrating on specific tasks.

An open-space office layout lies at the heart of this new concept: flexible, efficient and communicative. The project was implemented using T65 partition walls featuring superior sound insulation using laminated glass panes fitted as structural glazing, plus the T10 solid partition wall and micro-perforated sonic 10 acoustic panels.

Thanks to modern IT technology, work assignments can be completed independently of conventional desk-based working. For confidential conversations or calls, a series of enclosed units and heavily soundproofed phone booths are also available.


asonsea GmbH, Stuttgart

Property developer

Siemens Real Estate


Nuremberg, Germany


  • T65 partition wall
  • Structural glazing
  • T10 partition wall with sonic10 acoustic panel
  • Glass panelled/swing doors

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Siemens Office, Nuremberg

Siemens Office, Nuremberg

A New Way of Working – the new office concept for Siemens AG

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