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Sparkasse Miltenberg-Obernburg




Room-in-room solutions for confidential conversations

Sparkasse Miltenberg-Obernburg, as the largest independent credit institution in the Miltenberg district, attaches great importance to personal advice to its customers. With the move to our own building, the focus was increasingly placed on confidential conversations, for which peace and discretion are of the utmost importance. In order to meet these requirements, the savings bank decided on a free-standing room-in-room solution.

The choice fell on the GK CUBE product series, which enables flexible room design regardless of the building grid. A total of five free-standing cubes were successfully integrated into the new premises. This decision enabled the Sparkasse to hold customer meetings in a visually and acoustically protected environment,

The GK CUBEs were specially equipped for consulting purposes and meet the highest requirements for sound insulation. This not only ensures the confidentiality of conversations, but also creates a calm atmosphere for customers and consultants. The curtains integrated into the cubes provide additional privacy by allowing them to be closed when necessary.

The air conditioning and electrification of the cubes fully meet the savings bank's requirements. The self-sufficient equipment of the cubes enables independent control of the climate and ventilation, which ensures optimal adaptation to the needs of the users without being dependent on the building technology during installation.

In addition to the room-in-room solutions, all furniture, cupboards, the reception desk and the seating were supplied by office outfitter SBS Objekt Aschaffenburg. The well thought-out furnishings not only support the functionality of the rooms, but also contribute to the overall concept of the savings bank.

With the successful implementation of these solutions, Sparkasse Miltenberg Obernburg creates a contemporary and discreet environment for confidential conversations that meets the high standards of customer service and advice quality.


Thorsten Erzgraber

Sparkasse Miltenberg-Obernburg







Reception desk



ca. 700 qm

Interior construction

SBS Objekt, Aschaffenburg


Thomas Mattern