Production with sustainable materials


Aluminum for a sustainable future

Aluminum is a material with unlimited recyclability. The amount of secondary aluminum in circulation is constantly growing.

We use aluminum for our partition wall profiles, which consists of at least 75 percent recycled content. The production scrap produced during packaging is collected and recycled for new aluminum press products.

In the GK CUBE series, we use profiles made of Hydro REDUXA, an aluminum with a production-related low CO2 footprint of maximum 4.0 kg CO2 per kg aluminum. This corresponds to a quarter of the global average!

Hydro REDUXA is verified by DNV GL according to ISO 14064 and covers all CO2 emissions from bauxite mining to alumina production and aluminum production. The result is aluminum with one of the best carbon footprints possible today.

Would you have known?

About 75 percent of all aluminum ever produced is still in use.