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snt regiocom, Potsdam



snt regiocom, Potsdam

Potsdam is one of the traditional service center locations in Germany that the regiocom group has taken over. Its roots lie in the early days of service for mobile communications customers. The center itself is probably one of the most modern in Germany and has just been completed. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the legendary film park in Potsdam-Babelsberg. The Potsdam site is staffed by teams with many years of experience in a wide range of industries. The service units are characterized by a high degree of flexibility; projects can also fall back on snt-regiocom's locations in neighboring Berlin at short notice if necessary.

Due to the structural requirements, a fire protection wall had to be installed on the corridor side. This was achieved with the Goldbach Kirchner T46 partition wall system with central EI30 fire protection glazing. The passages are equipped with aluminum frame doors EI30, some of them double-leaf, and overhead door closers with integrated closing sequence control.

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Unser Standort: snt-regiocom Potsdam


KW-Development GmbH


rewa Planungsgesellshaft mbH


snt regiocom, Potsdam


August-Bebel-Straße, Potsdam




5.500 sqm


ca. 400


Fire safty partition wall T46

Tube frame door


Goldbach Kirchner/Michael Frank