Building project report

Senior Center Vechtetal



Senior Center Vechtetal/Hoogstede

Nursing makes an important contribution to the care of people who are in the facility for health reasons at the senior center in Vechtetal.

The mission statement provides employees with a binding framework that is intended to help them orient themselves and identify more consciously with the task of nursing and care. It does not replace your own professional and personal decision in everyday work life, but offers accompanying assistance.

"Together instead of alone!" is the guiding principle that runs through the entire care facility. In order to implement this, the rooms are bright and inviting. Common rooms and shared kitchens ensure the necessary feel-good atmosphere.

The nursing home consists of 46 nursing places, a day care facility for 18 users as well as a dental practice and a pharmacy. The second building block is a residential building with 13 assisted living units and a common room.


Seniorenzentrum Vechtetal


Beike + Herrmann Architekten



Energy standard

KfW 40 plus



Interior fittings - Made by Goldbach Kirchner

  •  fitted kitchens
  •  counter with sink
  •  Kitchenette for communal kitchens
  • Patient room with wardrobe, sideboards and wardrobe


Michael Frank, Fotodesign