Building project report

Main-Kinzig-Kliniken, Schlüchtern

Modernization and adaption to current requirements

In the extension of the Schlüchtern hospital there were the following construction measures

The existing building and the ward areas of internal medicine were expanded and adapted to current requirements. These included u.a. the patient rooms assigned, barrier-free wet cells, the dissolution of the 3-bed rooms in 1- and 2-bed rooms, insulated nursing room with upstream locks, and modern medical service rooms with secretariats, examination and treatment rooms.

The newly planned palliative ward on the 2nd floor offers people with an incurable Disease and limited life expectancy a specialized medical treatment and caring care.

It offers the patient bright and comfortable designed two- and single rooms large balcony and private bathroom. The homely design should give a feeling of To contribute to a feeling of security in the patients. A large living room with tea kitchen allows to be with family, friends or other patients also outside of their own Spend time in your room. In the patient kitchen small meals can be prepared to move a piece of home into the ward. The space of silence serves as a spiritual place for reflection, retreat and relaxation.


Stöhr + Partner GmbH, Frankfurt a.M.


Main-Kinzig-Kliniken GmbH


Schlüchtern, Main-Kinzig-Kreis

Gross floor area EC

Technique and archive 925 sqm

Gross floor area 1st floor

Station internal medicine, 1.765 sqm

Gross floor area 2nd floor

Palliative station 1.175 sqm


  • Interior and line furniture
  • Patient rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Social rooms staff
  • Reception desks
  • Reception lounge
  • Staff lockers and lockers
  • Service and ready room


Oliver Sommer