Building Project Report

I/P/B, Berlin

Interior work office and commercial building, Berlin-Tiergarten

The 70s building was originally built as a bookstore center and has undergone numerous renovations and various uses over the years. When converting the office floor for an internet provider in the 7th floor of the high-rise building area, the character of the architectural period concrete architecture was elaborated. Ceilings, columns and beams were largely uncovered and left visible, cleaned and sanded. Sections of the screed were also freed of 50 years of glue and fillers and sanded and sealed as a finished screed surface. As a contrast to these rough surfaces and as acoustic measures, a carpet and a perforated acoustic ceiling were installed in areas of sensitive acoustic use.

The glass partitions to the offices allow light-flooded corridors and a transparent ensemble of separate office space and open creative areas. Electric distribution and cooling was discreetly housed in the suspended ceilings of the corridors. This allowed the exposed concrete ceilings in the offices of Technik to be kept clear and work in their rough structure. The room heights could be maintained maximum. The pendant luminaires in the offices with an indirect component support the effect of exposed concrete. A color concept that reduces to two shades of gray supports the clear building structure with a dark gray concrete core and light gray walls and ceilings. The color of the doors adapts to the color of the walls. The orange carpet in some areas is an eye-catcher as a splash of color and is reflected at sunset in the wall surfaces.

The tea kitchens blend into the reduced color concept with their black surface. This also applies to the anthracite-colored profiles of the T50 partition wall system with single-pane glazing, the color-matched switches and socket covers, to anthracite-colored accessories in the sanitary areas.


Waylon Berlin S.à.r.l Luxembourg


I/P/B Internet Provider in Berlin GmbH


Lützowstraße, Berlin

Architects (design, detail planning, construction management)

WAF architects
Wewesiep Asipowicz Forsting Partnership mbB


about 700 sqm



Mark Asipowicz, WAF architects