From the Bauhaus in Dessau to Industrie 4.0

From the Bauhaus in Dessau to Industrie 4.0

Fourteen teachers from the Fachschule für Holztechnik - Stuttgart visited the Bauhaus in Dessau for their 100th anniversary.

Special impressions were the architectural guidance of the Federal Environment Agency, the overnight stay in the Prellerhaus, the Bauhaus and Meisterhaus tours. Immerse yourself in a time 100 years ago.

Then - after a short walk, we were able to complete our exciting professional school excursion with a visit to the company Goldbach Kirchner. Our special interest during this visit was the highly automated furniture production already mentioned in the trade press. The Bauhaus was far ahead with many design approaches of the time. The basic doctrine based on the basic forms square, circle and triangle often formed the basis for the well-known design. We would not have thought that a highly automated production would reach the limits of the feasible in a square. With a considerable investment, good employees and a trusted partner for the machine technology but also the "Bauhaus problems" could be solved. Whether square, circle or triangle, shapes no longer play a role today.

The head of department of the technical school Mr. Horsch said: "An impressive system - without automation, a highly flexible production is hardly feasible today."

Special thanks to the employees of the company Goldbach Kirchner and Mr. Kirchner for this impressive conclusion of our excursion.